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Basic Certificate Courses by Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies

The Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) is organising a Basic Certificate Course on various subjects.

About the Institute

Established in 1965, the Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) is a premier research and training institute. 

Headed by the Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha, who is ex-officio President of the Institute, ICPS is peer to similar centres of excellence existing in the Executive and Judiciary, viz., Indian Institute of Public Administration and Indian Law Institute, respectively. 

Towards furtherance of its objects, the Institute undertakes research on mandated areas, conducts capacity building courses on legislative drafting, parliamentary procedures and allied field, publishes two research journals (refereed) and maintains a library. Institute also offers ‘Advanced Certificate Courses’ and ‘Basic Certificate Courses’.

About the Basic Certificate Courses

In pursuance of its objects, the Institute inter alia organizes several Basic Certificate Courses, which are of the duration of 8-12 hours. The Basic Certificate Courses are offered on a rotation basis in different batches and thus vary in different batches. During the July – September 2024 batch, the following Basic Certificate Courses will be offered:

  1. BCC-LPP: Basic Certificate Course in Legislative Process in Parliament

  2. BCC-EPP: Basic Certificate Course in Evolution of Parliamentary Practices and Procedures

  3. BCC-LGPR: Basic Certificate Course in Local Self Government – Panchayati Raj

  4. BCC-SDG: Basic Certificate Course in Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Indian Constitution

  5. BCC-PETB: Basic Certificate Course in Personal Effectiveness and Team Building

  6. BCC-PD: Basic Certificate Course in Parliamentary Diplomacy

  7. BCC-PM: Basic Certificate Course in Parliament and the Media

  8. BCC-IFP: Basic Certificate Course in Indian Foreign Policy

  9. BCC-LMD: Basic Certificate Course in Learning Mediation

  10. BCC-SVI: Basic Certificate Course in Starting New Ventures  in India

  11. BCC-CFRM: Basic Certificate Course in Cooperative Farming and Rural Management

  12. BCC-LGUB: Basic Certificate Course in Local Self Government-Urban Bodies

Duration of Courses

Basic Certificate Courses span over a period of 8-12 hours each.

Course Fee


Number of Seats

60 seats in each course 

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates having scored a minimum of 50% marks in the matriculation examination may apply for the courses.

Those registered and pursuing academic programmes in regular mode in other educational institutions may also enrol for and pursue the courses.

How to Apply

Candidates may apply by filling-out Google Form available here.

Pursuing More than One Course Simultaneously

Subject to the availability of seats, candidates may register for and pursue a maximum of 3 courses simultaneously.

Procedure for Admission  

First Stage

Receipt of applications and registration thereof in chronological order of date of receipt (till the last date of receipt of applications) and preparation of a list on the basis thereof.

Second Stage

Scrutiny of applications to ascertain eligibility of the candidates and preparation of a comprehensive list of eligible candidates.

Third Stage

Offering admission to the candidates as per the number of seats notified/ available.

Fourth Stage

Offering admission to the candidates against unfilled seats, if any.

NOTE: Admissions to the courses are offered on 'FIRST COME FIRST SERVE' basis as the Courses aim to enrich the knowledge base.

Course Schedule

On-line classes for the courses will be conducted on Saturdays/ Sundays; detailed schedule of classes will be notified subsequently.

Resource Persons

Besides the Course Coordinator, the course curriculum will be delivered by the Resource Persons from outside of the Institute (academicians and professionals possessing expertise in the domain area).

Resource Persons of following categories are usually invited to deliver lectures:

  • Senior faculty members usually not below the rank of Associate Professor from Central Universities, Institutes of National Importance, premier research/ training institutes like IIPA, ILI, ISTM, IILM etc., and other renowned institutions of higher education and learning in India

  • Officers (in-service/ superannuated) usually not below the rank of Director from Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha Secretariats

  • Officers (in-service/ superannuated) usually not below the rank of Director from Union Ministries of Law & Justice, Parliamentary Affairs, etc.

  • Officers (in-service/ superannuated) usually not below the rank of Director from Election Commission of India, Comptroller-General of India, etc.

  • Eminent and outstanding professionals/ experts of repute in the domain area.

Study Material

The Resource Persons are requested to indicate the sources of study relating to the respective theme delivered by them. Also, any study material provided by the Resource Persons is circulated/ forwarded to the students.


Certificates through Digilocker will be issued to the students who will be attending at least 60 percent of the lectures arranged.  

Show-round of Parliament House Premises

Those students who will be attending at least 90 percent of the lectures arranged for their respective courses will be facilitated a show-round of Parliament House premises, subject to fulfillment of criteria/ conditions for the purpose. 

Library Facility

Institute’s library has several good sources on the themes included in the course curriculum, which the candidates may refer as per extant library rules.


The Institute shall strive to adhere to the schedule and conditions indicated above under normal circumstances. However, it reserves the right to modify/ amend the schedule and conditions indicated above in view of any unforeseen exigencies. The decision of the Director-General in that event shall be final and binding.

Download the Brochure for the Certificate Courses

Information Brochure for Basic Certificate Courses_20240528_125854
Download PDF • 1.66MB

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