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Call for Editors: The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion (Apply by 15th June 2024)

Updated: Jun 15

The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion is inviting applications for Editors from Students to join the Editorial Board for the Academic Year 2024-25.

Call for Editors: The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion (Apply by 15th June 2024)
Apply by 15th June 2024


The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion (TSCLD) was established by the students of Chanakya National Law University, Patna, with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law. Society, through its Blog and Journal (JCS), intends to serve as a platform for students, academicians and practitioners to engage in constitutional law discussion and writing. The Constitution gives us the first and last hope for rights, liabilities and justice. We at TSCLD provide a platform where you can write and express your opinion on different issues related to Constitutional Law fearlessly.

Work Description

  1. Managing Editor

    1. Oversee the entire editorial process, from manuscript submission to final publication.

    2. Set the editorial calendar and ensure its adherence.

    3. Coordinate with other editors and manage their workload.

    4. Ensure the quality and consistency of the published content.

    5. Set the editorial policy in consultation with other senior team members.

    6. Monitor the performance of the editorial team and provide feedback from time to time.

    7. Liaison with contributors and guest authors for featuring their piece on the Blog website.

  2. Senior Associate Editor

    1. Assist the Managing Editor in overseeing the editorial process.

    2. Manage the review process, including assigning manuscripts to Associate Editors.

    3. Ensure timely reviews and make final decisions on manuscripts based on the reviews received.

    4. Contribute to setting the editorial policy and calendar.

    5. Handle escalated issues from Associate Editors.

    6. Provide feedback to Associate Editors and guide their work.

    7. Occasionally review and edit manuscripts.

  3. Associate Editor

    1. Stay updated with developments in constitutional law and suggest relevant topics.

    2. Conduct initial reviews of submitted manuscripts.

    3. Provide feedback to authors and make recommendations to the Senior Associate Editor.

    4. Manage a specific section of the blog or a particular type of content.

    5. Ensure the timely review and publication of manuscripts in their charge.

    6. Liaise with authors during the revision process.

  4. Technical Editor

    1. Review the manuscripts for language, grammar, style, and format.

    2. Ensure that all references and citations are correct.

    3. Work closely with the authors to make necessary revisions.

    4. Prepare the manuscript for publication, including proofreading and formatting.

    5. Ensure the technical accuracy of the content.

    6. Stay updated with the latest trends and standards in legal writing and citation.


Students from the 2nd year onwards in the 5-year Integrated Law Programme and 1st year onwards for the 3-year LLB programme enrolled in any Bar Council approved institution can apply for the post of Editors.

No. of Positions

  1. Senior Associate Editors: 2

  2. Associate Editor: 3

  3. Technical Editors: 2

Selection Process

  • All applicants must submit their CV (only in pdf form) along with a statement of purpose (SOP) outlining their interest in the blog and their qualifications for the position through the above Google form. This shall also include original links to 2-5 work samples that the applicant has authored (published/unpublished)

  • Interested candidates can fill out the Google form.

Application Deadline

The last date for submission of applications is 15th June 2024 however, a selection will be made when we get a suitable candidate at the earliest.

Contact Details

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Ayush Kumar, Managing Head of the Core Team at

Disclaimer: The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion makes endeavours to ensure that the information published on the website is factual and correct. However, some of the content may contain errors. In the blog/article, all views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of TSCLD or its members in any manner whatsoever. In case of any Query or Concern, please reach out to us.

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