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Internship Guidelines

About The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion

Established by students of Chanakya National Law University, Patna, The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion (TSCLD) serves as a dynamic platform for public discourse on Constitutional Law. Through its Blog and Journal, TSCLD provides a fearless space for students, academicians, and practitioners to engage in discussions and contribute scholarly articles. Recognising the Constitution as the cornerstone for rights and justice, TSCLD offers a concise and expressive avenue for individuals to share their perspectives on various Constitutional Law issues.

About the Internship Programme

TSCLD is committed to establishing a comprehensive and enriching internship program aimed at offering substantial exposure to the intricacies of the Grundnorm—the Constitution of India. The internship program is a Content Writing Internship wherein the interns are required to write well-researched articles/essays/case comments, etc. either of their own choice or by the topic allotted to them by the Editorial Team. The submission must adhere to the Submission Guidelines available on our website.

Role & Responsibilities

In the capacity of a Content Writer, interns are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Research and Writing: Interns are required to thoroughly research and author blogs/essays/case comments, etc. on a topic having relevance with the Constitutional Law. The topic may be either given by the Editorial Team or interns can choose their own. A prior approval from the Editorial Team, of the topic, would be required before writing the piece. (Minimum of 2 articles for 1 month required for certification)

  2. Volunteering: Interns may be asked/required to volunteer in any event organised by the society. The volunteering may be in the capacity of a host for an online event, handling the logistics, etc.

  3. Adherence to Deadlines: Once a topic is allotted to the intern or their chosen topic is approved by the Editorial Team, they are expected to write and submit the piece not beyond 10 days.

  4. Termination: Failure to comply with the above-stated guidelines, the internship may be terminated.

Process Flow for Review & Publication of Submitted Manuscripts

  1. The topic of the manuscript is either selected by the intern or allotted by the Editorial Team.

  2. A well-researched manuscript is required to be submitted by the intern no later than 10 days after the allotment of the topic.

  3. The manuscript is sent for review to the Editorial Team.

  4. Response on the submitted manuscript latest in 7 days.

  5. Incorporation of Changes, if any suggested by the Editor within the next 3 days.

  6. Publication/Scheduling for Publication on the TSCLD Blog.


Note: Once you have submitted your manuscript, you can start researching for your next topic and after approval, can go ahead with writing. Need not wait for the review to be completed.


Once you have submitted your manuscripts in time and the same has been published on the Blog, subject to fulfilment of the Guidelines of the Blog, you are entitled to an e-certificate of Internship.

Contact Details

All communications concerning any queries/suggestions/grievances/, etc. may be addressed to the Managing Head, Core Team to

Those interns whose works have been found satisfactory may be offered a position in the Editorial Team/Core Team of the Society.

Happy Learning!

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